Why Choose Us?

We’re Property Management Specialists.

We have a single, laser sharp focus on one thing: the management of your investment property. It’s all we do. We’re passionate, dedicated, committed and driven. We’re a handpicked team of experienced property professionals that understand your needs. We own property. We know what is important to you, and we know what is important to your tenants.


10+ Years Experience

In property management experience matters. We pride ourselves on being an experienced team. Experienced in every facet of the management of your investment property. Experienced in property. Experienced in management. Experienced in systems. But most importantly, experienced in people.

We are also committed to professional development, ensuring we’re relevant and always up-to-date with legislative changes. When you choose homed you really are engaging world class property specialists to manage and maintain your investment.


Leaders in Technology

Being boutique affords us one of the most treasured business luxuries: agility. We are at the forefront. We truly are leaders in property management technology. Every part of the management of your investment is backed by technology and systems designed to ensure seamless management and risk minimisation. The majority of our technology is developed specifically for and exclusive to homed. We invest in technology to benefit our clients.


We put Owners First.

Without you we don’t exist. That’s why we put you first. By putting you first we commit to the success of your investment. Because we know that your success is our success. We strive to give you the very best of tenants, the longest of tenures, the highest of returns and a consistent service that remains unmatched.